NWDCo Software Solutions LLP
NWDCo Software Solutions LLP

NWDCo Software Solutions LLP


NWDCo Software Solutions LLP is a leading Cloud Software Development companies based out of India & Hong Kong.

We help transform business problems into innovative solutions customised to suite the business requirement.

NWDCo has over 20 years’ experience in what we call – Technovating Business to organisations across Corporates to Startups & various Industries across the globe.

This April, NWDCo won the Prestigious ‘Amazon Innovator of the Year 2021’. Earlier NWDCo has won numerous awards including RED Herring Asia Top 100, 25 Most Promising Cloud Companies, Pandemic Bravery Awards, amongst others.

Go Green

At NWDCo, we believe in giving back to the Environment.

We try and embed our tech offerings to somewhere protect & give back to the environment. At the least, NWDCo makes it a point to help our clients reduce their carbon footprint.

Besides, at NWDCo, we are always exploring innovative ideas to try and protect & give back to include ‘Go Green’ in all our initiatives.


1. Cloud Consultancy:

Cloud ConsultancyNWDCo has stayed at the cutting edge of this cloud advancement, managing our customers through the appropriation of virtualization and combined foundation arrangements.

Our accomplished and well experienced Cloud Specialists can assist you with determining the adequacy of and execute these well-known cloud solutions:

  • Advanced Digital Transformation
  • Converged & Hyper-Converged Infrastructure
  • Software-Defined Data Centres (SDDC)
  • Virtualization
  • IaaS and SaaS Solutions
  • Hybrid Cloud
  • Other cloud solutions

2. Cloud Infrastructure

Cloud Infrastructure

NWDCo provides Cloud infrastructure services that include designing, deploying, monitoring, supporting, and optimizing your cloud or hybrid IT infrastructure. With dedicated services, we ensure high performance, availability and scalability of cloud infrastructures.

NWDCo’ Cloud infrastructure management includes:

  • Design, migration, deployment of cloud infrastructures.
  • Private cloud & public cloud integration.
  • Cloud infrastructure administering, monitoring, and network maintenance.
  • Cost optimization of Cloud usage.

3. Mobile Applications

Mobile Development

Our team builds Mobile Applications for both Android & iOS devices, development as well creating an intuitive user-experience while using the app. Our expert team additionally assists with situating it in the highest level of the Google Play Store.

Our Mobile Application service includes:

  • Android Development
  • IOS Development
  • UI / UX Designing
  • Wearable Development

4. Web Development

Web Development

The web development experts at NWDCo make a complex approach to web development which includes the entire spectrum, starting from mark-up and coding to web design and content. We pride ourselves on experienced web development professionals that work together to develop your website in a way not just to rank highly in the search engine results pages, but also genuinely deliver the best possible experience to your users.


  • E-commerce Web Development and Designing.
  • Business Web Development.
  • Portfolio Web Development.
  • CMS Web Development and Design.
  • WordPress Website Development and Design.
  • HTML / PHP / Web development and Solutions.

5. Software Development Services:

Software Development

If you are searching for professional and top-class software development companies, then NWDCo Software solution LLP is the best place for you. We offer innovative, agile & competitive services for custom software & application development. Our development team’s dedication & adeptness helps us deliver attractive & innovative mobile apps & software applications that simplify various business processes.

Other benefits of software development are:

  • Cost reduction: training, licenses, upgrades & more.
  • Boosts productivity.
  • Increases company value.
  • Enhances flexibility.
  • Offers competitive advantages.

6. Digital Marketing:

Digital Marketing

NWDCo’s Digital Marketing practice assists businesses in developing deeper customer associations by delivering personalized experiences. Manage customer growth with Digital Advertising Services is the motive for us. The analysis of our marketing activities helps us out to strategize, execute, administer and maintain successful digital marketing solutions.

Range of services offered by us:

  • Customized digital strategy and maturity assessment for your digital marketing solutions
  • Roadmap and architecture based on your business priorities
  • Mobile and social media applications that entice consumers and enrich the user experience
  • Activities monitored at all levels
  • Applications and systems maintained at high performance levels
  • Partner and third-party vendor coordination

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